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Gourmet Popping Corn

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Enjoy your favorite Fireworks popcorn in this 5 lb. re-sealable 80 ounce plastic bottle. Choose from Wisconsin White Birch, Savana Gold, High Mountain Midnight, Orchard Blossom, Autumn Blaze, Red River Valley, Harvest Blend, Baby White Rice, or Sunset Fire. All the popcorn pops up white. Wisconsin White Birch: This delicious white popping corn has a sweet, mild flavor. Savana Gold has a mellow flavor. High Mountain Midnight: This variety of blue corn features a wild, robust flavor. Orchard Blossom: The sweet pink color of these kernels reflects the sweet flavor of this corn. Autumn Blaze: This corn offers small, crunchy flakes. Red River Valley: A dark, rich and red kernel variety. Harvest Blend: Popping corn, from America's heartland, blue, red and gold. Baby White Rice: This small, white, hull-less popping corn was grown on family farms at the turn of the century. Sunset Fire: Kernels with hues of gold and red pop light and fluffy with a full, mellow flavor.