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3.6mm Orion E-Series Telescope Eyepiece

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The powerful 3.6mm eyepiece is an excellent choice for beginning astronomy enthusiasts looking for a high-power eyepiece to use with a telescope. Thanks to its high-quality glass lenses, admirable performance, and amazing value, the 3.6mm E-Series Beginner Telescope Eyepiece should be in every beginning astronomer's collection of astronomy gear. With a 3.6mm focal length and 1.25" barrel diameter, this E-Series Beginner Telescope Eyepiece will yield high-power views in any telescope. Ideal for close inspection of craters and mountains on the Moon, and for highly magnified views of planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. You'll be amazed with clear views of Saturn and its rings on clear evenings, as well as Jupiter's stormy cloud bands and four closest moons Io, Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto. You can even go after challenging double stars with this powerful 3.6mm eyepiece. The Orion 3.6mm E-Series Telescope Eyepiece features fully coated optics with anti-reflection coating. This coating allows more light to pass through the eyepiece so you are rewarded with a bright, detailed view. The eyepiece barrel is internally blackened to reduce glare. Both the full optical coating and blackened barrel work together to minimize internal reflections, also called "ghost images" which can adversely affect view quality.