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1.25" Orion Jupiter Observation Eyepiece Filter

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This useful and affordable blue Orion Jupiter Observation filter for 1.25" telescope eyepieces will significantly increase contrast of the main cloud belts of Jupiter. Other than the Moon, the gas giant planet Jupiter shows more detail than any other object in the night sky. This handy 80A Medium Blue filter will let you make the most out of each view of gigantic Jupiter. Attach the Jupiter Observation Filter to any filter-thread equipped 1.25" telescope eyepiece to enjoy enhanced views of Jovian cloud details. Since Jupiter is such a bright object in the night sky, using this filter will help preserve your dark-adapted night vision thanks to its 30% transmission. Not only will the filter help to reduce the overwhelmingly bright disc of Jupiter, but it will also increase your ability to discern visible features. When used in telescopes with substantial focal length, the Jupiter Observation Filter can significantly improve views of the famous Great Red Spot storm region by enhancing contrast of the storm against surrounding Jovian cloudscape features. Get the Jupiter Observation Filter today and discover how affordable great views of Jupiter can be!