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1.25" Orion LRGB Astrophotography Filter Set

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Take your astro-imaging to the next level with this set of 1.25" Luminance (IR cutoff), Red, Green, and Blue filters. They're designed for creating high-quality composite color astrophotos with Orion monochrome imaging cameras or similar monochrome cameras. Combining separate images taken through these four filters with a monochrome CCD provides a higher-resolution final image than an image from a comparably sized color CCD. Our LRGB set features dichroic glass filters designed for maximum transmission. The color filters have an IR-blocking coating, and all filters are parfocal to eliminate the need for refocusing between exposure sets. Their anodized aluminum cells thread into the Orion Manual 5-Filter Wheel (#5520) for convenient filter selection. Foam-lined filter case included.