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13mm Tele Vue Ethos Telescope Eyepiece

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Ethos' unprecedented 100-degree apparent field-of-view takes the spacewalk experience to the next level. Following Tele Vue's philosophy of pushing the state of the art, long-time Tele Vue employee and optical design protege Paul Dellechiaie took up the challenge and designed the basic Ethos eyepiece form. Under Al's guidance, Paul tweaked his design to fulfill the original goals. While sharpness is inherent to the optical design, contrast is maximized through the intelligent use of flat finished baffles and ultra low reflectance, high efficiency coatings tuned to the composition of each element. At the 2007 Northeast Astronomy Forum, Tele Vue once again broadened the amateur astronomer's perspective on the universe and introduced a new observing experience; 100-degree of pure Tele Vue quality. With a 13mm focal length evoking the original Nagler revolution, the field area of this new eyepiece is more than 50 percent larger than an 82-degree field. The Tele Vue Ethos is essentially multiple eyepieces, delivering the true field size of a longer focal length, narrower apparent field eyepiece with the benefits of higher power and darker sky background.