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17mm Tele Vue Ethos Telescope Eyepiece

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Celebrate the start of the International year of Astronomy 2009, the 400th anniversary of Galileo's first use of an astronomical telescope, by showing friends and neighbors the best of our wonderful universe. The TeleVue philosophy (Ethos, if you will) has always been about inspiring spacewalk vistas by creating the finest "rich field" refractors and wide angle eyepieces. We hope the introduction of these new Ethos models will further rekindle the appreciation of astronomy and supoport all the worthy goals of IYA 2009. It's been quite a challenge to develop new Ethos eyepieces to the same performace standards achieved by the 13mm and 8mm models, perhaps the most honored in history. We hope the increased field of the 17mm and increased power of the 6mm will open up new visual experiences that Galileo could hardly have imagined, from small refractors to largest Dobsonians.