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21mm Tele Vue Ethos Telescope Eyepiece

Item Num: 8355
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Maximize your spacewalk experience with the 21mm Ethos. Transform your passage through the Milky Way with the 21mm's nexus of contrast, power and field. Larger deep sky objects and rich star fields are its natural playground. Looking on-axis your field-of-vision is filled with 100 degree of stars, however wherever you chose to concentrate your attention you'll see sharpness and richer contrast. Extending the Ethos focal length range to 21mm while maintaining the original performance goals of the rest of the series brings the eyepiece up against the mechanical limits of the 2" barrel and focus constraints. The 21mm provides the maximum true field of view, has no significant vignetting at the edge of the field, and is parfocal with the 31mm Nagler Type 5. Like all Tele Vue eyepieces, every 21mm Ethos goes through optical and cosmetic quality control procedure in Chester, NY. Since all Ethos models accept DIOPTRX you now also have the " final frontier" - the ability to compensate for your own eyesight astigmatism with a superb multi-coated lens providing your exact correction, rotation orientation and centration over the eyepiece.