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Amplid Antidote Ski One Color

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Take a daily dose of snow with Amplid's Antidote Ski, and the combination will keep you healthier than any vitamin can. Sure, this elixir won't save you from snake bites and slow-acting poisons, but it'll definitely make sure that you don't die from a lack of jibby sickness. Amplid's Antidote was designed to butter, spin, and slide its way through the park and across town, so it's no surprise that the ski throws down a plethora of unique jib-inspired features. The Roundtop sidewalls roll into the topsheets to prevent chipping or catching, and the Abuse Base Technology utilizes a micro layer of metal under the base to prevent blowouts and dings when you're stomping hard or sliding rails. TPU spin tips reduce weight at the extremities for faster spinning, and the fully symmetrical design means the Antidote rides just as smoothly backwards as forwards, so skiing switch is almost too easy.To keep things light and buttery, Amplid built the Antidote on its Hard wood core, which is just poplar underfoot blended with harder birch and laid up with a pre-stretched fiberglass laminate, which makes sure the ski doesn't lose pop as the fibers gradually elongate with use. It also laid down Pop-Band carbon fiber stringers for extra stability, and made sure the Antidote had a progressive flex so you can press easily through the tips and rely on the stiffness of the underfoot camber to let you rail turns into takeoffs and get super stompy on landings. To keep things nimble and lightweight, Amplid also engineered the Antidote with its Jekyll & Hyde geometry, which pairs sidecut and rocker profiles to make sure you have maximum edge contact and grip, even with a shorter, spinnier ski.