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Atomic Backland Girl II Ski - Girls' Pink/White

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A daughter as cool as yours only comes along once every hundred years, so she deserves to be hooked up with the Atomic Backland Girl II Girls' Ski. This stick designed to help intermediate to advanced skiers progress and become more comfortable in all conditions. It's built with traditional camber and a small radius to make turning a snap. Additionally, the Bend X technology features a specialized flex zone in the binding area which allows your little ripper to bend her skis and enable tenacious contact with the snow--which ultimately translates into easier turn initiation and a more amenable skiing experience. A Densolite core keeps the weight down and damps vibrations quickly, so she isn't overpowered by her skis and the cap construction is playful by nature, reducing the overall swing weight of the skis making maneuvering through tight spaces a cinch.