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Lib Technologies Wreckreate Ski

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First of all, don't call the Lib Tech Wreckreate a ski; it's a narrow snowboard, and isn't for people who love making tight figure eights and cringing at the word "rocker." Lib Tech brought all its snowboard-building expertise to the table when building these planks, and it resulted in a unique and dynamic set of boards that will tear through the trees, shred the park, and rip down groomers with plenty of power. The Wreckreate features Lib Tech's Magne-Traction technology, edges with small serration-like bumps, to cut through icy snow like a hot knife through butter. A more aggressive pattern of bumps is employed underfoot for better edge hold, and they gradually mellow out towards the tip and tail to give the Wreckreate a smooth, buttery feel in the park. Not only does this technology allow the boards to cut through icy snow more easily, but it also allows park riders to maintain edge hold even after de-tuning to prevent catching on rails. The ReCurve profile features rockered sections in the tip and tail along with traditional camber underfoot for a loose, floaty feel in soft snow and traction when you need it on the hardpack. A durable sintered base will withstand seasons of rail abuse and heavy stomps, and the fiberglass-laminated aspen core gives you more pop than a weasel. Lib Tech also laid down an ANVI-Tech dampening layer, so you won't be fighting chatter when you're rallying into icy takeoffs.