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Moment Vice Ski One Color

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Between the casinos and overall close proximity to Las Vegas, it's no surprise that Reno-based Moment Skis crafted up hard-hitting, freewheeling park ski named the Vice. As its do-it-all park ski, the Vice is what you might call the franken-creature of dedicated shredders who have spent plenty of time hitting park jumps, sliding rails, and setting up urban jibs without forgetting how fun it is to rip the rest of the mountain. Moment made the Vice's core with ash, and reinforced it with carbon stringers on the top and bottom to make sure it stayed light and poppy, with enough backbone to power over choppy in-runs and stomp mashed-potato landings. The whole shebang is sandwiched between two layers of triaxial fiberglass, which help keep the ski torsionally stiff, making it a surprisingly good all-mountain tool, and it's topped off with a lightweight and spin-happy semi-cap construction. The 2. 2mm steel edges are overlaid with VDS damping rubber to prevent de-lamming and to ease vibration, and they're hardened to 48 Rockwell to bite into icy takeoffs and stand up to rocks and rails. Don't worry about shorting your next gap, either, because the 1. 2mm Durasurf sintered base is super-fast and holds wax like nobody's business. Like many of Moment's boards, the Vice is built with Mustache Rocker, which has traditional camber underfoot for stability at speed and great edge hold when carving into take-offs, and rocker in the tip and tail for a playful, buttery feel that helps prevent edges from hooking up on rails and boxes, slamming you onto your face. The rocker reduces the Vice's effective edge, making it ski slightly shorter, but Moment made up for this by slimming down the sidecut to lengthen the turn radius, creating a ski that's nimble without being squirrely. It's also easy to ride switch, thanks to a nearly-symmetrical construction.