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Volkl Step Ski

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Your days of breakdancing are over. Rather than two-stepping into a freeze, you'd rather use the Volkl Step Ski to ride rails, hit booters, and slay the pipe. You've traded a slab of concrete and a boombox for park-and-pipe skis, metal, snow, and open skies, and we can't blame you, especially considering the benefits the Step lays down. It boasts a stable 85mm waist, letting you stomp the bejeezus out of whatever you line up, both switch and regular, since it's fully symmetrical front to back. Plus, there's plenty camber underfoot so you can rail turns into those icy park takeoffs without worrying about washing out--little surprise that the Step is what Volkl's team riders use when they're not on the competition-ready Wall. With a slight rocker in the tip and tail, the Step is easy to turn and simple enough to ride through chundery snow on the way to your favorite hits. The bomber fiberglass-and-composite-wrapped Tough Box construction can take a beating when you stomp hard, and the multi-layer wood core core gives you a precise ride and harmonious flex while boosting the ski's strength. It incorporates a tough ash layer under the binding for torsional rigidity and binding retention, with poplar in the tip and tails for a light, lively feel that's fun and easy to control. You won't be able to do a head-spin like those breakdancing days, but you'll crush some way cooler tricks on your feet instead.