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Coniston Alabaster Towels design by Designers Guild

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Luxurious Towels - Luxurious 100% pure egyptian cotton textured plain dye towels available in 10 colors. Coniston alabaster white, shown here, co-ordinates perfectly with other colors in the range.†† Face Towel: 13"" x 13' - .00 Hand Towel: 20"" x 39"" - .00 Bath Towel: 28"" x 51"" - .00 Bath Sheet: 39"" x 63"" - .00†Complete the look with Designer Guild's luxurious towels, made using pure Egyptian cotton and fine quality linen. They come in a range of striking designs, from plains in beautiful colours, rich patterns and stripes and embroidery with exquisite detail. All created to be soft, sumptuous and the perfect addition to any bathroom. The Designers Guild philosophy is to combine creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality: quality of design, product, service and people.