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Candleholders: Thomas Kinkade Warmth Of Home Candleholder Set

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Life's most beautiful blessings are often found right at home, a sentiment beautifully brought to life in acclaimed artist Thomas Kinkade's beloved cottage paintings. Now, his heartwarming artistry is highlighted on this Thomas Kinkade Warmth of Home Candleholder Set. A Bradford Exchange exclusive, it showcases Thomas Kinkade's visions of charming cottages and glorious blooming gardens, each infused with the joys of love, home, family and faith, all set aglow from within.This glorious glass candle set presents the cottage art of Thomas Kinkade on five different votive candle holders, vividly recreated in full color and detail. Each candle holder is crafted of hand-blown glass, hand-painted by skilled artisans in contemporary pastels, and inscribed with a heartfelt blessing of family life: "Joy," "Laughter," "Love," "Family" and "Friends" in golden script. With the included wrought-iron display and five FREE tealights, this lovely set of candleholders becomes a Thomas Kinkade gallery of art and light, and a timeless addition to your home decor. Strong demand is anticipated, so don't miss out. Order now!