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Summoning The Pack Native American-Inspired Wall Decor Dreamcatcher

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For as long as man has gazed heavenward, he has been captivated by the mystical lure of the Northern Lights. Now, for the first time ever, a limited-edition Native American-inspired dreamcatcher brings the intoxicating beauty of that heavenly phenomenon into your home. The Bradford Exchange is proud to present Summoning the Pack Wall Decor, showcasing acclaimed artist Al Agnew's mesmerizing wolf art in a stunning dreamcatcher that actually glows in the dark. It's the perfect way to capture the glory of the Aurora Borealis!Featuring a dramatic square design inspired by Native American medicine wheels, this Al Agnew art dreamcatcher is surrounded with a masterfully sculpted frame that is hand-cast and hand-painted for vivid detail. Artful embellishments of real feathers, leather and beads adorn the edge, while a replica arrowhead hangs below, adding to the authentic look. Strong demand is expected for this Native American-inspired dreamcatcher, sure to provide a captivating focal point for your home decor, so don't miss out. Follow the lights and order now!