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Hand-Painted White Tail Buck Dash Masterpiece Sculpture

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In the cool, dewy autumn morning one of the rare sights of nature unfolds. A sound breaks the stillness, and suddenly you see him, a white tail buck - no, four bucks! Now, this sculpture captures that perfect moment in which these magnificent creatures move as one, leaping a barbed wire fence and making a dash toward the forest. Presenting the White Tail Dash Sculpture, an impressive Bradford Exchange exclusive that brings to life the nobility of nature in a glorious gallery-worthy sculpture.Imagine enjoying this fleeting instant of wilderness perfection forever! Standing twenty-one inches wide, this incredibly detailed sculpture is meticulously hand-sculpted to capture the musculature, the expressions, even the realistic gaits of a wild buck. Amazingly true to nature, the sculpture is then hand-painted to capture every lifelike nuance of coat, hoof, and antler, as well as the animals' surroundings; even a fleeing pheasant. Impressive from every angle, this exquisite scene is showcased on a weighted mahogany-finished base that provides stability and a museum-like presentation. Strong demand is expected for this spectacular Masterpiece Sculpture, but the edition is limited to just 3,000 worldwide, so don't wait. Order now!