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Morning Serenade Rooster Art Glass Hanging Sculpture

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This hanging rooster sculpture brings the King of the Country Morning into your home to rise and shine with each new day. Nine plucky roosters crafted of reflective hand-blown art glass come to call, suspended beneath a graceful petal-shaped glass header. Start your limited-edition collection with Issue One, a colorful pair of roosters with blue tail feathers. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two and additional issues of 2 rooster art glass sculptures each, plus the glass header and top rooster that complete your collection, each issue to be shipped separately.‡Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, this unique rooster decoration presents each handcrafted art glass rooster hanging from a gleaming golden cord sparkling with colorful glass beads. You'll be delighted with how they catch the rays from a sunny window, creating a rooster rainbow of dazzling color! Strong demand is expected for these fabulous feathered friends in fine art glass, so be sure to order now!