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Deer Art Candleholder Collection: Pride Of The Forest

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With just one look at a majestic white-tailed buck, it's easy to see that boundless freedom burns within the heart of nature. Now, this first-of-a-kind deer art candleholder collection brings the glowing essence of the wilderness into your home, beginning with Issue One, Bounding Whitetail. Soon you'll receive Issue Two, Woodland Monarch, followed by Issue Three, Regal Companions, and your collection will be complete with Issue Four, the coordinating display, each issue to arrive separately.‡Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, each of the candleholders in this limited-edition collection is handcrafted in elaborate detail, boasting sculpted birch bark-look finishes. Breathtaking artwork of deer in the wild by award-winning artist Joseph Hautman is expertly reproduced in full color on each candleholder. Plus, these candleholders won't ever melt away because each is fitted at the top with a FREE glass cup and tealight candle. The custom metal display has a unique branching design and is adorned with sculpted pine cones for the perfect finishing touch. Strong demand is expected, so order now!