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United We Soar Eagle Figurine Collection

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The bald eagle represents strength, courage and freedom, traits that we Americans treasure. Now, you can enjoy the first-ever collection of collectible eagle figurines from The Hamilton Collection showcasing montages by acclaimed artist Jody Bergsma. Your majestic collection begins with Issue One, Together We Stand, United We Soar. Soon your collection continues with Issue Two, Sheltered Under Mighty Wings, Issue Three, Our Allegiance Undivided and additional issues of collectible eagle figurines, each a separate issue to follow.‡ Pay dramatic tribute to America with this collection of exclusive limited-edition eagle figurines. Each collectible eagle figurine in this collection features a bald eagle intricately handcrafted of sparkling crystalline with inspiring art montages in its wings. Hand-painting on the landscapes beneath add remarkable realism. Soaring demand is expected for this stunning patriotic home decor. Don't miss out - order now!