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The Strength Of Faith Archangel Silver Crown Coin Collection With Wooden Box

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Since the days of the Byzantine Empire, coins depicting angels have been created and valued by mankind, not only for their beauty but as gleaming statements of the strength of faith. Carrying an angel coin has long been believed to bring heavenly protection, in fact. Now you can own a grand collection of angel coins featuring all the renowned archangels: The Strength Of Faith Archangel Silver Crown Coin Collection. Paying tribute to the leader of the Heavenly Host, your collection begins with Issue One, the St. Michael the Guardian Silver Crown Coin. Next, you'll receive Issue Two, St. Gabriel and a Deluxe Display Box, yours FREE with the collection. Soon, your collection will continue with additional 2015 Archangel coins, each a separate issue to follow.‡Featuring all-new 2015 legal tender coins offered in Proof condition, this collection is available ONLY from The Bradford Exchange Mint. Each coin in the collection is plated in shimmering silver and features a glorious archangel portrait on the reverse, highlighted in golden accents and crowned by a Swarovski® crystal. The obverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as these angel coins are issued by the Commonwealth Territory Tristan da Cunha at the value of one silver crown. The mahogany finished FREE Deluxe Display Box features a gleaming title plaque and handsomely organizes and showcases your treasured coins, which are secured and preserved in crystal-clear tamper-proof holders for optimal viewing of both sides. This is a coin collecting opportunity not to be missed, and strong demand is anticipated. The edition is strictly limited to 2,015 complete sets, so don't wait. Order now!