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The 100 Greatest U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar Varieties Proof Coin Collection

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Leroy C. Van Allen and A. George Mallis revolutionized coin collecting by increasing awareness of Morgan die varieties. Over time, collecting VAM errors has grown in popularity, with coveted VAMs given colorful nicknames like "Hot Lips" and "Scar Face." Due to meltdowns, hoarding, and the passage of time, only 17 percent of all Morgan Silver Dollars still exist, so finding a rare VAM coin is challenging. That's why The Bradford Exchange Mint is proud to bring you the first-ever The 100 Greatest U.S. Morgan Varieties Proof Coin Collection in an exclusive presentation. This stunning Morgan Silver Dollar coin collection begins with Issue One, Wild Eye Spikes Morgan Proof and FREE Magnifier. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, 1878 First Morgan Die Proof and FREE Deluxe Display Box, followed by Issue Three, 1878 R-I-B Morgan Proof and FREE "Top 100 Morgan Varieties: The Vam Keys" Book by Dr. Michael Fey and Jeff Oxman, and additional Morgan proof coins, each a separate issue to follow.‡Recapturing the greatest 100 Morgan Silver Dollar varieties, each gleaming VAM proof is richly plated in genuine silver with a mirror-like proof finish to brilliantly recapture each variation's subtle details - even the rarest. Each coin is also certified by industry experts and arrives in a crystal-clear, tamper-proof holder, preserving each coin's shining beauty for years to come. You will receive an optical-quality pocket magnifier with powerful 6X lens folds, a custom-crafted, deluxe wooden display box with a silver-toned title plaque and a copy of "The Top 100 Morgan Silver Varieties: The Vam Keys" a pocket-sized guide book, all yours FREE with the first three issues of your collection. High demand is expected for this one-of-a-kind collection and collecting opportunity, so don't wait. Order now!