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Disney Holiday Miniature Snowglobe Collection

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Celebrate every holiday with your favorite Disney characters when you bring home this magical Disney snowglobe collection! The festivities begin with Issue One, A Swell Holiday, Merry Christmas!. Soon, your Disney holiday snowglobe collection will continue with Issue Two, Trick or Treat Sassy and Sweet, Happy Halloween!. Next, you will receive Issue Three, the specially crafted Disney character holiday display - yours for the same price as a single snowglobe - and additional Disney holiday snowglobes, each a separate issue to follow.‡What a treat to have your Disney favorites welcoming every holiday with a sparkling swirl of snow and magical charm! Each snowglobe is meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted in vivid colors. Intricate coordinated sculptural toppers crown each snowglobe, complemented by fabulously detailed bases with title plaques and inscriptions offering cheerful holiday sentiments. Imagine how spectacular they'll look on the elegant all-wood display, with its central panoramic scene of over 30 Disney characters! Strong demand is expected, so don't wait - order now! Fine collectibles, not intended for children.