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Bavaria Landjager

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Bavaria specialty all beef hickory smoked Landjager (no refrigeration required) is an outdoorsman's special treat. This trademark item is an excellent snack for both adults and children. Made from an authentic German recipe from very lean Beef and natural spices then hickory smoked to perfection. Your choice of 6, 12, or 24 pair pack. Each landjager is actually a pair. The 6 pair pack is 12 individual Landjagers, 12 pair pack is 24 individual Lanjagers, 24 pair pack is 48 individual landjaegers. The Landjager does not require refrigeration if kept in a cool & dry spot! Landjager should not be stored in a plastic bag. They can be hung on a hanger to age, let lay loose in the fridge, or they can be frozen. A ventilated produce bag would work also. Perfect for outdoor activities or anytime snacking!