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Any Combination Pickled Herring Sampler

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Pickled Herring Sampler by Bay View Packing Company lets you mix and match your favorite herring varieties. Select four 12 oz jars of herring to be included in your variety pack. You can choose from pickled herring in wine sauce or pickled herring in cream sauce. The herring must be refrigerated upon arrival. It is best consumed within one month after opening. Any sealed jar of herring has a shelf life of nine months in the refrigerator. The herring sampler is a great idea if you want to share some with a friend or enjoy it at your next party. Best Practices to Maintain Quality of Product: Store between 33 and 40 F. Herring is a ready to eat product. It has been cold cured. Do not cook or heat. Do not freeze. Do not let product sit out. Sitting at room temperature will soften fish and effect quality. Be sure to rotate product. Time, temperature, and light destroy the quality of herring. Do not mix or over stir herring products. Keep proper brine level.