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Email: Click here to email Lindecor™ about your order, to request a quote, or ask a question.

General inquiries, potential vendors who we haven't contacted.
Gardecor, Inc.
45 Main St, Ste. 309-103
New York, NY 11201

Postal orders, checks, current vendors.
Gardecor, Inc.
P.O. Box 7016
Golden, Colorado 80403-0105
NOTE: Gardecor, Inc. is registered with the State of Colorado.

Returns must receive an RMA and the correct address before you ship anything back to ensure that you send it back to the correct address. Refer to Return Policies.

About Us

Lindecor was named after "Linda" meaning "pretty" + decor. The company was created to concentrate quality and unique home decor at one stop. We don't boast of the largest selection because we carefully screen the product for quality in materials and workmanship. Your satisfaction is very important to both you and us. Gardecor, Inc. is licensed by the state of Colorado, USA. Our Colorado State Tax ID # is 24-34740-0000.


It's not often I run into such a nice company to deal with and such a helpful person as you have been -- it would be wonderful if more companies had the same attitude.
Thanks again,"
Jan, Beverly Hills, Florida

We received the replacement yesterday. Sooner than expected. It was perfect. Thank you once again for prompt and efficient replacement process. I am planning to do my next purchase soon. This has been a wonderful experience shopping for your company. Everything seems to be efficient, done in timely manner. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.
Josephine, New York

I received the Pagoda yesterday and I have to say I am very happy with it, it's beautiful!!! Thank you very much for everything, I will certainly recommend you to everybody.
Sincerely, Adriana, Florida

Thanks for the great white glove service and quick response to our order. We really are impressed with our lions. Keep up the excellent customer service because we will return for more products!
Happy customer,
Karen, Virginia

I am grateful for your help. We really like the 1st sign we got from you. Libby will love this one!
Paul, California

"I went to other websites...they were either higher in price for the same item, with lower shipping or lower in item price and even high shipping! So, I did try other avenues before purchasing with you....I can only tell you that you now that you will have a long standing customer in me because of the adjusted shipping cost. It certainly made my day. "
Charlotte, California

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and disclose no personal information to other companies (shippers and manufacturers of course need your address/contact info). No personal marketing statistics are kept on individual customers. Your identity is treated as if your were to enter a retail store; we don't even know what you look like!


The checkout is securely encrypted with 128-bit encryption used by banking industry. This type of encryption is so secure that the encryption program not allowed to be exported to unfriendly countries. This website is routinely audited for new hacking technologies and updated to prevent these attacks.

Cookies are used only to keep track of your searches and shopping cart contents. Your shopping cart contents will be saved in a cookie - that is, you can shop now and return later to make the final purchase. Lindecor™ doesn't allow third party marketing agencies to track your activities for their benefit, and we don't sell your information to third parties.

We loathe spam, too. The only email you will receive is regarding your order or inquiry or if, at checkout, you checked the box to notify you of updates, special offers, and news. We promise.
We have become aware there have been fraudulent e-mail being sent that says it is coming from Gardecor.com and leads the reader to believe that we are sending unauthorized email. We recommend that you do not open any attachments and delete the e-mail immediately. Lindecor™ may send official notification messages on occasion, but they rarely include attachments. If you receive an email that includes an attachment and are in doubt about its authenticity, please contact us. Please note that Gardecor, Inc. takes its customer relationships very seriously, but cannot take responsibility for the unauthorized actions of third parties. Thank you for your understanding.

Guarantees & Warranties

PRODUCT GUARANTEE. We honor all product manufacturer warranties. Contact the manufacturer for a warranty claim. If your item arrives damaged, notify the shipper and us. See below for more information about receiving damaged goods. Refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.

PRICE CHALLENGE: We offer competitive pricing. If you find an identical item on the Net at a lower total cost (price of item plus shipping, handling, and tax), let us know. We will try our best to offer you a lower price. The competitive eStore must be a legal U.S. business site and not an auction or "garage sale" type website (such as Craig's List). The listed item on the competitor's site must not be a "lost-leader" item (priced below their cost to attract your business); a used or secondhand, display, backordered, or refurbished product. We reserve the right to not underbid the competitor. For consideration, you must send us the following:

  1. Exact URL of the product (not the home page).
  2. The item name.
  3. The catalog number (ours and competitor's).
  4. The competitor's final price including tax, shipping, and handling charges.

Making A Purchase

Payment. Prices are in US dollars. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover/Novus, American Express, money orders, cashier's and other checks, and pre-approved purchase orders. To reduce credit card fraud, all orders not going to the credit card holder's billing address, large orders, and international payments will be aggressively verified. Expect a phone call from Lindecor™ and/or your credit card company to confirm your order.

Before your order proceeds to the next step or manufacturing starts for your item, payment must be received and you agree to pay full price at the time of order. This prevents credit card fraud and Internet shop lifting and helps to keep your costs down. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Order Process. We use email so allow the domain, LINDECOR.COM to bypass your spam filter. Spam filters are getting tighter and tighter and sometimes our emails don't get through and customers don't get important information. Lindecor™ is not responsible for you not getting information if you don't allow email from our domain through your spam filter. We don't send spam and never have - we promise.

After you place your order, look for an email receipt. If you don't get one, then look in your spam folder and allow email from LINDECOR.COM bypass your filter. If can't find your email confirmation, then contact us to resend it.

CHECK YOUR RECEIPT FOR ACCURACY. If you find a discrepancy, then immediately contact us. Lindecor™ isn't responsible for errors on the order/invoice. Once the order process has begun, your order cannot be changed or canceled. Many of our items are made-to-order that are not returnable, cancelable, or refundable. If your order is canceled by you, restocking fees may apply. Refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.

Terms and Conditions of Sale. At checkout, you will be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Policies (this page). If you place your order by phone, fax, or check, you'll need to confirm your agreement to our Terms and Conditions of Sale in writing (email, fax, or postal) that you agree to ourTerms and Conditions of Sale and Policies.

Making a Purchase Later, or Paying Offline (e.g., check, purchase order, or wire). The prices on your invoice are valid for 1 week from the date on your invoice unless otherwise specified in writing. It is best to obtain your invoice now to lock in the price. Proceed through checkout and get an invoice which is the last page with your order information. Printing the product webpage is not sufficient. If you make payment after this time frame, please confirm the price with us.

Checks. We accept personal and company checks payable to GARDECOR, INC.
If you don't make the check out properly, the bank might reject your check and charge an additional fee which will be passed onto the customer. Nowadays, banks are, by law, have tighter policies in place due to national security reasons.
A 2-week waiting period for checks to clear your bank commences when we receive your check. After the waiting period is up, your order will proceed to the next step (manufacturing, finishing, shipping, etc.). To shorten the waiting period, you can fax a copy of the cleared check to us. Most banks have copies at your online bank account.

With your payment, ensure to state that you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Policies (this page). Make your check payable to GARDECOR, INC and mail to GARDECOR, INC., ATTN: Orders, PO Box 7016, Golden, Colorado 80403-0105.
If you don't make the check out properly, the bank might reject your check and charge an additional fee which will be passed onto the customer. Nowadays, banks are, by law, have tighter policies in place due to national security reasons.
Ensure to enclose a statement that you agree to Lindecor™'s Terms and Conditions of Sale and Policies.

Overdue Payments. Accounts are overdue if payment isn't made to either Lindecor™, Inc., the parent company or its vendors (when client is paying the vendor directly. This includes shippers.) within two weeks of product receipt. All overdue accounts are subject to a fee plus 18% apy interest starting from one month of product receipt. Client is responsible for all attorney fees and collections costs. If client enters a contract, either verbal or written, with Lindecor™, Inc. where Lindecor™, Inc. agrees to reimburse or discount services or products, and the client account is overdue, the contract is null and void and the client is responsible for all costs before the discount or reimbursement is considered, and the discounts or reimbursements are not valid. Refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.

Shipping Policies, Lead Times, Shipping, Freight, Rates

Please refer to Lindecor™ Special Quotes for more information about freight shipments.

DELIVERY DATES Are Not Guaranteed. The shipping companies are not in our control, and trucks can be delayed. We will provide estimated shipping dates, however, these are just an estimate. Refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.

Once an item ships, it is your responsibility to track your shipment. Be aware that most shippers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc will deliver to the address, not the person. Our policies follow the shippers' policies in every respect. Please be flexible with your fountain installation because delays, breakages, or losses, although rare, can happen. Patience is your friend for a successful installation timeline. Customer agrees that neither Lindecor™, Inc. nor the manufacturer are responsible for timelines, especially those set by the customer or the customer's installers. For large freight shipments, you'll receive an email with instructions when your order ships.

If there is a major problem, such as loss or damage, then notify us immediately. Note all damage on the shippers bill of lading or signed receipt and get a copy for your claim. If you don't, then your claim can be denied. You agree to allow a representative of the shipper to inspect the original shipping material and carton. Keep these on hand if you make a claim otherwise your claim may be invalid.

Neither Lindecor™ nor it's supplier are responsible for lost or damaged shipments. This is the responsibility of the shipper. Lindecor™ or the manufacturer will file a claim with the shipping company. Customer can offer suggestions, however, either Gardecor®, the manufacturer or shippers, not the customer, will determine the best resolution. If the customer refutes the resolution, then the customer is responsible for all costs beyond the resolution determined by Lindecor™, the manufacturer, or the shipper.

Expected Shipping Schedule. Please don't confuse "shipping" with "delivery". "Shipping" is when the order leaves the origin. "Delivery" is when the order arrives at the destination. Most items are shipped within 1-3 weeks of receipt of your order. Made-to-order items, special orders, seasonal, personalized, or customized items may take longer to craft and ship. Over 95% of our made-to-order items ship within an average of 3 weeks. Some items, such as our wrought iron and cast stone lines, may take longer as we do not have every color of every item in stock. Lead times to ship are on the product page. If you're uncertain or need to double-check, please call us. Checks and purchase order payments add to the lead times given.

International Destinations. Gardécor® does not take responsibility to ship some items outside of the continental USA. We will ship to a US port of entry/exit, and the customer is responsible for shipping overseas from there. Other responsibilities held by the customer include contracting the customs broker or an exporter to take care of your freight for international destinations. Contact us to determine whether we can ship your item outside the Continental USA. Refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.

Duties, customs, taxes, brokerage fees. The client is responsible for duties and other customs fees and taxes due to international shipments. Contact your country's customs department to determine your final costs. Upon delivery, the recipient may have to pay duties and other customs fees. We are not legally responsible for and do not pay these fees. Refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.

Free Shipping or Shipping Included? Where shipping is included with selected items, the shipping method will be our method of choice only to the Contiguous United States. The customer will pay the additional cost for rush, expedited, overnight orders, and shipments outside the contiguous US. With rapidly fluctuating fuel costs, our prices can change, even after you place your order. If this is the case, you'll be contacted with the final total for your approval. Contact us for a good freight estimate or quote in some cases.

Types of Shipping: Common Courier & Freight. There are two types of shippers, common courier and freight. "Common couriers" include UPS, FedEx, USPS, & DHL. They transport the lighter and smaller items less than about 80 lbs and less than 10-ft long. There are other restrictions that might prohibit your order to ship via common courier.

If your order can't go via common courier, it'll ship via "freight". Heavy and/or large items are shipped by freight (e.g., semi-truck). The larger, heavier (over approx 80-100 lbs), or modestly large or heavy fragile items under 100 lbs will arrive by semi truck or a service other than common courier. Some fragile items such as smaller cast stone statues may ship via freight. The freight company might delivery your order in a semi-truck or might transfer your order to a small truck. You'll receive tracking information and are responsible for tracking your shipment and arranging delivery.

"Lift-gate curbside" delivery is the standard service where the driver removes your packages and/or crates from the truck and places them at the back of the truck. If the truck (semi or smaller) can't fit into your driveway, they will put your crate/s at the end of your driveway ("curbside"). The driver is not obligated to move the crate beyond the back of the truck. Some carry pallet jacks and some don't. If they do, then they may move the crate as a courtesy to you. They might ask for your help in moving the crate. We suggest that you discuss this with the freight company when they call to schedule your delivery.
If you require more than curbside service, please contact us for a White Glove Service Estimate (unavailable for cast-stone concrete items) and specify what you need. Delivery may not be able to be upgraded for some items. White Glove isn't available for all products. Call us.

If you live where semi trucks cannot travel (e.g., narrow and winding roads), inform them of this so that they can arrange for a smaller truck.

Signature of receipt is required for all freight shipments. Ensure to inspect your shipment and if you notice any damage, get documentation signed by the driver listing the damage. If you don't get documentation of damage, your claim may not be processed.

Levels of Freight Delivery Service.

Commercial Delivery. Shipped to commercial zones (not residential areas) and client is responsible for unloading from the truck. Some drivers may help but are not obligated. The truck does not travel into residential areas.

Residential Delivery. Truck will travel into residential areas. Crate will be unloaded from the truck and placed at the end of your driveway for you (see above under "lift-gate curbside" service). Sometimes the truck can make it into a driveway, but we make to guarantee that is the case for all destinations. This is the level of service provided when items are shipped free.

If you're in a gated community that disallows certain trucks, additional fees will apply to transfer the goods to an appropriate truck.

White Glove Service comes in different levels depending on what you require. Not all items can ship via White Glove. Generally, the freight company will blanket ship to a third party who transports your order to you. This service may include uncrating, hauling away the packing materials, moving the items to your desired location inside or outside. The cost of this service depends on what lever you chose, how far from the truck your items must be moved (e.g., down a dirt or stone path, up several flights of stairs, etc.). We don't offer installation services such as for fountains. Contact us for details.

Order Can't Be Delivered? We are not responsible for charges when (1) the customer gives a wrong address or (2) the recipient is not home on redelivery attempts. If the shipper returns the item to us or our supplier after 2 or 3 delivery attempts, depending on the shipper's policies, for any reason, the customer will be charged for actual shipping and handling both ways as well as a restocking fee. We will redeliver the order at the customer's request after the customer pays the additional shipping and handling charges.

Custom Designs and Work

Custom Projects are available for wrought iron, wrought and polished steel, cast stone concrete plaques and fountains, and some slate plaques. Custom wrought-iron furniture has a reasonable price because each piece is hand wrought. We can use your design or ours as long as the design isn't copyrighted by another company. Designs older than 100 years are beyond copyright. Original unique cast stone projects can be upwards of ,000 just to hire a sculptor and make the mold.


You can request a quote by putting the items in your cart and proceeding through checkout. This applies to sets of furniture, large fountains, several light fixtures or signage for new housing developments, etc. For payment method, select "Request a Quote" and complete the checkout process. No payment information is needed. Please allow approx 2-3 business days for us to research the best freight price for you. Most items receive a freight quote while others receive a freight estimate. If freight substantially changes or the method of delivery or destination isn't what's on the quote, then the customer is either reimbursed or charged the difference.

Returns Policy

Full-Price Returns. Returns for full price are granted only if the merchandise has a manufacturer defect. Lindecor™ must be notified within 24 hours of receiving the item in order for a full-price return to be considered. If an item is defected and can be repaired, Lindecor™ or its supplier reserves the right to repair the item or send a kit so the customer can fix the item in lieu of returning the item. No returns or refunds are granted because the item color does not exactly match the color on the monitor or when you print it. You have the option to receive a color sample. If you don't order a sample and the color isn't as you expect, then we cannot accept complaints about the color. For color-finished cast stone products, because you can get color samples on concrete, neither Lindecor™ nor the manufacturer, will accept objections to the final product color if you don't request samples before ordering your concrete fountain, statue, etc. Returns or refunds are also not allowed because an item differs by 10% or less in either dimension unless the customer pays actual shipping both ways and any restocking policy imposed by the supplier and manufacturer. Nor will full-price returns be allowed for mistakes on the customer's part, such as entering the wrong address numbers for personalized address markers. Check your receipt carefully immediately after ordering. Notify us within 24 hours of delivery if there is a problem with the product to be considered for a full-price return.

Other Returns. Returns can be granted if the customer simply doesn't want the item. Personalized items are not included. The return must be requested within 30 days of receiving the item. Customer is responsible for actual shipping both ways even if the item price included shipping or your invoice shows differently. Restocking policies and fees may apply.

Personalized, made-to-order, special orders, or other custom items (e.g., spray rings, cast stone items, some artifical plants, etc.) are not returnable and not refundable. Ensure that you are ordering the correct item and it will fit your space and design.

*** All returns must be approved by us before you return the item. ***

  • A claim must be filed in writing (email or fax) within 2 business days of receipt of the item, and you must receive a reply within a day otherwise the claim can be considered as not received.
  • When you file a claim for a return, include the reason that you are requesting to return the item, your phone number, the order number, the item, and a valid email address. If the item is damaged, a photograph will work to your benefit.
  • Lindecor™ will determine who pays shipping and whether restocking fees apply. Lindecor™ will notify you where to return the item which may not be the originator. Unless otherwise specified, the customer is responsible for actual shipping charges both ways.
  • Lindecor™ passes onto the customer the return policy of the supplier. That is, the customer will pay all costs associated with returns if the manufacturer charges restocking fees and won't pay shipping.
  • Lindecor™ reserves the right to charge an additional restocking fee if the order is canceled after an order has been processed.
  • Returns must be packaged in the original containers and must be in resellable condition. If the item was damaged during shipment to you, then a claim will be filed with the shipper. Lindecor™ is not responsible for delayed, damaged, or lost shipments.
  • No refund will be made until the item is received and inspected.

Refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.

Tax Charges

Colorado state tax will be added to orders delivered to Colorado. Orders in the Denver metro area and Boulder county will have local taxes applied. We do not collect GST or other international and customs taxes.

Print Catalogs

We don't have print catalogs. Customers are welcome to print any product page with products in which they are interested to purchase.

Website Erratum

You, the customer, understand that once in a while accidental errors in prices, colors, sizes, options, descriptions, and other information can be made on this website. If something seems out of the ordinary, please contact us to discuss. We are always happy to confirm information on this website.

We retain the right to change our policies, special offers, or prices at any time without personal notice.

Choice of Law Forum. Colorado laws govern the relationship between Gardécor®, Inc., and customers of Gardécor®, Inc.'s websites. All disputes will be resolved in the State of Colorado under Colorado jurisdiction.